Safaricom Investment Co-operative was registered in January 2009 in line with the new co-operative laws that requires that all Sacco’s concentrate on their core mandate that is mobilization of savings from and disbursement of loans to their membership and to keep off non-core activities.

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We are dedicated to provide value for your investments!


Our Background

We are your investment partner of choice! 

We are here to assist you across the entire process of identifying, purchasing and securing title to some of the best parcels of real property in areas poised for massive growth as per current developments. 

Take a step and talk to us today. You'll be glad you did for a long time to come



What We Do

 Blue Bells Apartment

  • Real estate development
  • Buying and selling of land
  • Value addition on land parcels
  • Commercial farming
  • Trading in equity and money markets




  • In 2010, a marked increase of 42% in profit was realized
  • By 2011, a further 45% upsurge was noted from the previous year's investment
  • In 2012 , despite the challenges experienced in the economy, we managed a profit margin of 28%
  • Currently, in 2013, a lot of work is in progress! From real estate development to trading in equity and money markets, we are definitely raising the bar from previous years.

Are you tired of being worried of who to trust when it comes to investing back home?

Tire no more! Safaricom Investment Co-operative is here for you

We have a portfolio of investments that will help you not only get a return on your investment, but also be at home while investing back home.

We have over the years partnered with many Kenyans in Diaspora and helped them realize their dreams to own an apartment or a piece of land here in Kenya.

Safaricom Investment Co-operative prides in making our member’s dreams come true and your dream too can come true.

Join us today and see your dreams come true!

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